The ‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Is Back With Extremely Challenging New Game

It was the Flappy Bird created by Dong Nguyen as the simplest (and dumbest) games that ever make top of the app store, which was basically the horizontal scrolling obstacle games that came before it. Now, the same creator is back again with a new set of equally infuriating mobile games. His new app is called Ninja Spinki Challenges!!.


Available to download for free of charge from both the App Store and Google Play Store, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! relies on ads for revenue, is a collection of six mini-games that require gamers to successfully complete a collection of trails that are aimed at training them to become a ninja. The game at first blush isn’t quite so unforgiving as the infamously brutal Flappy Bird, but things soon start to get little bit difficult.

In partnership with Japan’s OBOKAIDEM Games, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen’s .GEARS have released this new addictive game, challenges you after one year of development with 6 new games – Spinki, Shuriken, Crossy, Jump, Rolling and Cannon and 30 challenges based on these games. Though the interface and gameplay do feel more refined in comparison, the protagonist seems to have been lifted from the developer’s Swing Copters series.

Whether the game will enjoy the same success that Flappy Bird managed to achieve remains to be seen, and while that title managed to tap into the gamer inside all of us, current game title may be a little too game-y to appeal to the same audience. Stay tuned!


You can download Ninja Spinki Challenges!! to your iOS or Android device right now from the links provided below. Only remember that – beating your friend’s high score might not be worth popping a blood vessel. It is interesting and the endless mode is challenging.

(Download: Ninja Spinki Challenges!! for iOS on the App Store)
(Download: Ninja Spinki Challenges!! for Android on the Play Store)

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