Fortnite 3.4.0 Update Out, Patch Notes Released To Download

The two most popular royale battle games, Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile are practically impossible to load up the iOS App Store. Talking about mobile gaming, or even visit a tech or gaming website without having the excellent Epic Games’ Fortnite is technically not ready.

However, this particular Fortnite Mobile gaming thrust is to inform that Epic Games has updated its title to version 3.4.0 and also shared the patch details.

According to the Fortnite 3.4.0 patch notes, this new “powerful and mighty” update takes the game to version 3.4.0, has a little bit of everything rolled in. It even caters to both the Battle Royale and Save The World game modes.

For you, Fortnite gamers who prefer to take no prisoners and prefer total and utter devastation, there is now a new guided missile object which will literally obliterate forts with what Epic Games is calling a more “personal touch.” If you really happen to be a skilled Fortnite player then you will definitely be able to have complete control over the guided missile in order to guarantee maximum destruction.

To those Battle Royale mode gamers, there is now a new ‘Peek-a-boo’ gaming route in Sniper Shootout. In order to enhance that experience, a Hunting Rifle and Crossbow has been added with the close quarter Magnum removed entirely. That’s what a perfect amendment for gamers who prefer to look down the scope of a high-powered rifle or go fully feral with a crossbow in order to wipe out anything, or anyone, in their patch.

There’s still an Easter-themed introduction with the appearance of Rabbit Raider Jonesy and Miss Bunny Penny as part of the Save The World experience.

In terms of general improvements, Epic Games has also brought in some changes to the console and desktop parts of the system, including adding and managing Epic Friends from the main menu and sending, receiving, even responding to crossplay Party invites.

Gamers on iOS will have to use invite codes, also getting text party chat, albeit without any type of in-game voice chat, but progress is indeed progressing.

Version 3.4.0 is in the process of rolling out right now to the iOS App Store, as well as other platforms. Full patch notes for version 3.4.0 can be downloaded or found directly here:

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