Fortnite 3.4.2 Update For iOS With Patch Notes Released

It’s been a few days where Epic Games Fortnite iOS mobile game has received an upgrade. Following on from yesterday’s announcement that the title is now open to all on the iOS platform without an invite. The studio has now pushed out version 3.4.2 of the Fortnite game to the App Store, complete with a host of improvements that should streamline the performance for all battle royale gamers.

Here, the first and foremost thing to note is that this release is yet another example of Epic Games pushing out regular releases to appease its multitude of users around the globe. There’s nothing to lose than becoming heavily invested in a multiplayer game only to find out that the developer doesn’t support it with frequent improvements.

No, there is no charge, free-of-cost as far as Epic Games’ Fortnite title is concerned. This latest release is a relatively minor point increment which looks to build on the major 3.4.0 release (and 3.4.1), which was pushed to the App Store prior to the Easter festivities beginning.

Version 3.4.2 brings with it multiple bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements all designed to work in conjunction with version 3.4.0 in order to streamline Fortnite gamers and provide an enhanced experience.

Gamers can look forward to typically find that developers like Epic Games will release a fairly substantial update, already seen with the release of version 3.4.0. Where the new Fortnite version is concerned, the features contained within and then issue a follow-up release designed to eradicate and squash any bugs or niggles found in that build. And that is what exactly we have today.

Unfortunately for everyone, The studio hasn’t made the full list of bugs and improvements with this build visible to users. Instead, the Fortnite developer has chosen to use the old patch notes to reiterate the major changes brought with version 3.4.0, such as the introduction of a guided missile weapon designed to introduce maximum destruction. Along with it, version 2 of the Sniper Shooter feature also added. Whispers and Party Text Chat have been exposed to iOS device users, allowing gamers to talk to one another within the game. Let’s hope that the next step would be voice-based communications.

If you are a huge Fortnite gamer, version 3.4.2 is available to download right now. And remember, Fortnite is open to all (sign-up) on the iOS platform right away. Full patch notes for 3.4.x can be seen below:

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