Fortnite 3.4.4 PS4 Update Patch With Notes Released, Here Are The Details

Epic Games, the studio behind the hugely popular Fortnite title has continued the progression with the release of a patch aimed uniquely at PlayStation 4 gamers.

The studio’s Fortnite game has been reaping up worldwide attention recently after it was initially released as an invite-only experience for Apple’s iOS platform before being made available for everyone. However, this latest patch is only available to those playing the original PlayStation 4 release.

Next to concern is that the Fortnite 3.4.4 patch size which is around 10GB, that was unexpected for the PlayStation 4 consoles. The release is utterly what you would call a huge update but not necessarily for the right reasons.

PlayStation 4 owners are somewhat finding that the recently released 3.4.4 patch weighs more than expected, which is causing concern for a lot of PS4 owners. However, it seems that this is an error with Epic Games now confirming that it wasn’t expecting the patch to be such as behemoth release:

We’re aware that the PS4 3.4.4 patch size is 10 GB, which was unexpected.

We’re looking into this issue right now, and apologise for the inconvenience.

In terms of what’s actually included with this patch, we’re sorry to report that it doesn’t contain any new features or functionality additions. Otherwise, what said, we are actually happy to report that it does look to immediately address a crashing issue which has been plaguing a lot of Fortnite gamers on the PlayStation 4 platform. In that respect, it’s likely that PS4 owners would actually prefer a bug fix release over a feature/functionality push.

Officially, PS4 3.4.4 patch notes detail that this release “addresses some crashes and freezes affecting PS4 players!” with confirmation that it is only applicable to those running Sony’s hardware and not any other platform.

If you’re one of Fortnite gamer running the title on PlayStation 4 and have been experiencing the same niggling issues, then this patch download, weighing anywhere between 470MB (intended) to 10GB, should hopefully resolve those issues with immediate effect. Put some time aside, power up that PlayStation 4, and grab the 3.4.4 patch right now! The patch is now apparently “safe to download and the size issue should be resolved shortly.”

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