Fortnite 3.5.0 Update For iOS Has Jailbreak Detection, What To Do Now?

Epic Games, the studio, and developer of the wonderful and highly popular Fortnite mobile has again brought back the jailbreak detection code which is found in the latest 3.5 patch after having it in initial versions as well but removing it in the later versions. Now, as part of a move that will anger and frustrate jailbreakers, the publisher is also kicking people out of games if their iOS device is discovered to be jailbroken.

There’s no secret that a lot of game developers and publishers producing extremely popular games definitely look at injecting so-called “jailbreak detection” in their software. That’s because being jailbroken is often classed as being synonymous with privacy or an attempt to cheat as having unfiltered access to the iOS file system can allow unfair advantages to the achieved. The same Apple patches its own mobile operating system if it finds the firmware code has attacked or involved in with vulnerabilities that lead to a jailbreak.

Doing so can stop those gamers face how many coins or weapons they have access to, or unfairly give themselves the advantages which other players in the gaming environment don’t have. Somewhat unlocks everything that can only be achieved after a fair play. Of course, not all jailbreakers do this, but it’s a physical impossibility for publishers to detect who is taking part in this notorious practices.

Alongside the latest 3.5 patch, released recently by Epic Games, also introduces a decent amount of functionality and feature sets. And the 3.5 patch comes with some much-needed bug fixes and improvements, though. However, it also slyly sneaks in some information relating to jailbreaks on Apple’s iOS devices, especially saying that a fix has already been put in place to resolve an issue whereby the jailbreak warning message will now be displayed to all users.

The alert of a jailbreak detection will basically tell every Fortnite mobile gamer that the system has detected that they are running a jailbroken device if you are using the same.

Additionally, if they attempt to join a game on Fortnite’s servers from the jailbroken device, the patch information suggests that they will be immediately booted from the game due to the fact that they are jailbroken, detected already.

Attempting to play using a jailbroken device will result in being kicked.

This is entirely admittable if you look at it from the perspective of legitimate Fortnite gamers who have suffered losses or defeats at the hands of a jailbroken user who has modified his/her account in some way to get an unfair advantage.

For now, we do need to remember that not all jailbreakers practice these methods, so it does seem very unfair to punish them all. So, if you are jailbroken and keep getting kicked from Fortnite 3.6, then now you know why? And also what to do?

All-in-all, a fairly substantial “roadmap” update which is available right now for gamers. In addition to consoles and PC, Fortnite has also released updated version 3.5 for iOS. Patch notes for both concoles / PC, and iOS are below:

Fortnite 3.5 for consoles and PC patch notes
Fortnite 3.5.0 for iOS patch notes

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