Fortnite 3.5.1 Update, Patch Notes Release, Details Here

It has been told how Fortnite was in the middle of a rather server-side outage and PS4 login issue which not only left the game unavailable but also saw plenty of the Epic Games websites and services suffer as a result.

All of that came just after an update was rolled out that brought the game up to version 3.5, but there’s no evidence that the downtime was due to the fact in version 3.5 release. While service does appear to be creeping back for most, Fortnite now has another new patch for you people to tap into – version 3.5.1 is now ready to go.

Once again, it’s unclear whether how related this update is to the issues that Fortnite gamers experienced recently. One point is that to admit that it does come very quickly after those problems arose. However, there is no mention of it in the release notes for the update, also, there is plenty to get your teeth into regardless.

Both Fortnite and PUBG, a dedicated battle royale games have been in and out of the news almost constantly over the past few weeks and while Fortnite did have its recent issues, the release by far of both shooters on mobile has been a resounding success.

With presences on every single platform in majority and updates arriving at a rate of knots, now is a great time to be a big fan of both Fortnite and PUBG and really, who can choose between them at this stage – they’re both steller options!

Check out the patch notes for version 3.5.1 in full below:

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