Fortnite 3.6 Update, Patch Notes Released: Here’s Everything That’s New

Fortnite 3.6 is now live for users across all platforms as announced by Epic Games yesterday which said that the update would take place at 04:00 EDT today.

We have nothing to speak about the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite mobile game titles, which are by far are top on the world of the gaming community. But what we say is the server downtime associated with this new update version Fortnite 3.6 was expected to take around an hour, and it’s now completed. If you get all updated and then try to sign into Fortnite on mobile or any of the alternative traditional versions of the game, you should now be good to go.

It comes a few days ahead of the conclusion of season 3 update and brings with it a new item known as the Clinger Grenade. As the name would suggest, when thrown this new grenade will stick to any surface or player that it comes into contact with.

This action surely lends itself to creative players coming up with all manner of weird and wonderful ways of leveraging the new combat in order to cause chaos in-game. We’re also looking forward to seeing how that one pans out.

In the new update, it includes the arrival of the Noble Launcher in Save the World, allowing gamers to “leave monsters in shock” with the gun featuring more intense attacks the longer a player charges the weapon.

Gamers will also see a host of other changes added as part of this update, with one notable that actually being the removal of a feature rather than one being added. Epic Games Studio has confirmed that Twitch account linking has now been removed “due to scalability issues.” However, Twitch prime account linking can still take place via Epic Games website.

Be sure to check out the comprehensive lowdown on what has changed in this full version 3.6 update.

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