Fortnite 4.2 Update, Patch Notes Released: Here’s What Is New

Fortnite’s latest 4.4 update adds a new rifle, health item, and much more to its popular Battle Royale mode. After a delay, a new Fortnite update has been released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile device today. Gamers have been able to spend some time playing what is just the latest in an ongoing line of continuous updates.

The latest update to Fortnite bringing the version number all the way up to 4.2. It is now available across all the platforms it brings a handful of new items and some gameplay adjustments to both Battle Royale and Save the World.

Epic Games has deployed the latest patch notes for Fortnite 4.4 update. On the Battle Royale side, Epic has introduced Epic and Legendary variants of the Burst Assault Rifle, which can be found as floor loot or in treasure chests, supply drops, or vending machines. Something like other Burst Assault Rifles, both variants use medium ammo and have the same damage fall-off ranges.

If there is one thing that Fortnite and PUBG have been able to get right it’s the number of updates that are being pushed out regularly, and of course, the release notes for our perusal.

There is plenty to get it and sink the teeth into this update with the usual array of bug fixes, performance improvements and new additions to existing gameplay that fans of Fortnite have come to expect.

Additionally, update 4.2 adds a new consumable to Battle Royale: apples. These can be found near certain trees around the map and restore five health points when eaten. This maxes out at 100HP though, so bear that mind.

Epic has also increased the drop rate for the Impulse Grenade by 5% while a handful of items receive balance tweaks.

Some of those changes include:

  • A new quad launcher has been added to the Save the World game mode. Firing four rockets which explode upon impact, this is not something you want to be on the receiving end of.
  • The much-loved assault rifle has received some upgrades with epic and legendary versions added.
  • Specifically, Epic has buffed the Suppressed Submachine Gun. Both its damage and accuracy reset speed has been increased, as has its damage falloff range.
  • The Damage Trap, it now does 75 damage (down from 125), although its reset time has been slightly decreased by one second. Although the damage radius and throw distance of the Remote Explosives have also been increased. These now damage all structures within their range.
  • In order to help “differentiate between above/below footstep sounds,” new sounds have been added to make it easier for players to tell when someone is walking around above them in the game world.

Update 4.2 was originally scheduled to roll out on May 15, but it was postponed when Epic discovered an unspecified error prior to its release. While the update may have arrived a little later than planned, though, the newest set of weekly challenges for Battle Royale holders arrived as usual.

For this new 4.2 update to Fortnite, there is plenty to dig on in the release notes, and that update can be had now via the usual array of app store updates that have become synonymous with these games. Enjoy!

Other notable improvements in the update add a new auto-pickup option for the PC and console versions, which lets players automatically acquire items when they walk over them. The developer behind it has also addressed a variety of bugs and performance issues. You can find the full list of changelog details in the 4.2 update patch notes on Fortnite’s website.

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