Fortnite 4.3 Update Is Live With Patch Notes Released: Here’s What Is New?

Epic Games has been facing a lawsuit from the folks behind PUBG versus Fortnite though, the latter has forged on and released a new update to the game which brings with it something we didn’t think we would ever be looking forward to, now live – Shopping Carts.

Admitting that mine carts have a long history in the gaming world, but with Fortnite version 4.3 now ready to go, players can jump into a shopping cart during the battle royale portion of the game, allowing them to “ride solo or grab a friend to cover… as you roll around the map together.”

It’s now time to go shopping in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic Games’ title continues to evolve, and now it’s introduced even more big changes. For sake, Battle Royale has gotten its first vehicle, the Shopping Cart – it comes as part of the broader 4.2 update, which is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.

Other additions to this new release include a new VOIP ability in the Save the World portion of the game, allowing gamers to initiate voice chat on PC.

According to Epic, the newly introduced Shopping Cart allows you to ride, and the company says you can shoot from the passenger seat – but presumably not if you’re the one pushing the cart. The trolleys are found scattered around the world in various locations, and they can usually take fall damage.

There is also the usual fast of bug fixes and general changes to gameplay, including Turbo Build which allows “structures now build faster after the first building piece is placed.”

Save the World and Battle Royale now have their own unique loading screens following mode select. Save the World and Battle Royale now have their own unique loading screens following mode select.

One bug fix which will be of immediate joy to those playing with a game controller covers the way aiming works or didn’t as the case may be.

Fixed issues while aiming diagonally when using a controller.

The stick input was not correctly translating into camera rotation causing the camera to never reach its maximum turn rate when aiming diagonally.

Camera input curves have also been slightly tuned to account for the change in diagonal aiming speeds.

Another new element in this update are Mushrooms. These will grant 5 shields and can be found in shady wooded or swampy areas, and by consuming them, you will get the shield, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

It also includes all the new items and weapons that have been added to Fortnite since Blitz was first seen, such as the Port-a-Fort, Clinger, and LMG. Be sure to check out the full changelog to see everything the folks at Epic Games have been working on.

As for the complete patch notes for version 4.3, check them (via: Epic Games) out below:

Stay tuned for more:

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