Fortnite APK Download For Android Leaks But There’s A Catch

Fortnite Android game is receiving quite a lot of attention right now, and this is before the gameplay is even available for eager players to get their teeth into.

Epic Games’ Fortnite Mobile title is going to be the biggest arrival into the world of gaming on Android in a while, but also because the team behind it will be making the title available outside of Google Play Store, offering it to customers directly rather than via official Google’s in-built systems.

It would be an unusual approach, especially for something as big as a game like Fortnite and Epic is getting a lot of attention for it. Surprisingly though it also looks like Fortnite might also make an appearance on Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store, exclusively, at least according to one new leak.

The past leak is a particularly important tip because it’s more than just some information. A new leak this time around an XDA-Developers forum member has been able to get his hands on the Fortnite Android APK, and it runs on Android-powered devices now as shown in a YouTube video. Nobody can actually play the leaked Fortnite APK game itself. That’s because no account is able to sign in, not unless Epic has whitelisted it, and that obviously rules out 99% of users.

However, at least we are able to gain some info from the leak. According to the installer, the game may not be a Galaxy Note 9 exclusive at launch as had first been suggested because the Galaxy Tab S4 is also listed as a device capable of playing the game. The tablet only launched very recently, so this makes a bit of sense.

There’s also a code in the release that shows Epic is using Samsung’s own in-app purchase API which would suggest that the game will be available vi Samsung’s store, too, perhaps making it easier for Epic and Samsung to make sure the game is exclusive to the latter’s devices at launch on August 9th.

The date when the Galaxy Note 9 is announced in New York, but for now Fortnite gamers are still in the dark space as to exactly what is happening. We’ll keep an eye and ears to the ground. Stay tuned!

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