Fortnite Android APK Download Released For Samsung Galaxy Devices

As expected and promised by Epic Games, the Android version of Fortnite is now available, although tends to be the case things aren’t quite as simple as all that. Finally, it is here!

Indeed, it has taken longer than many had expected to arrive, and we also know why there has been such a delay in making the game available, because an exclusive deal has been made with Samsung, keeping the game a Samsung-only affair for a limited time.

During the big Galaxy Note 9 announcement, Samsung and Epic Games have penned a deal that means that owners of Samsung’s phones and tablet series can get in on the Fortnite action ahead of anyone else.

Fortnite for Android is temporarily a Samsung exclusive, as announced. But most of the Android community won’t be able to access it until Sunday, Aug. 12.

Starting now gamers using the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9, 9 Plus, Note 8 or Note 9, can usually install the game right from Samsung’s Game Launcher app. The same goes for the newly released Galaxy Tab S4, too. Although we suspect the smartphones will be where most of the action comes from.

Gamers can albeit install the beta now with the exclusive deal lasting “a few days” which certainly sounds to be more considerable shooter time period than the 30-days that had been suggested prior to today. This, of course, is great news for owners of other devices, although anyone buying a new Note 9 will get the best deal.

Some Android users are already playing Fortnite Mobile on Android, thanks to the leaked APK. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play game mode, and Android beta is launching this week with Samsung Galaxy owners getting an invite to download the Fortnite APK from today.

Anyone prebooking the latest Note will get the option of receiving 15,000 V-bucks and the Fortnite Galaxy skin (seen above) instead of noise-canceling AKG headphones for more sound clarity and graphics effects, although we think we’d go for the latter. That said if anyone does want both perks they can spend $99 to do so.

The full Fortnite Android launch will be via the Google Play Store so anyone downloading after the more exclusive deal ends and not via a Samsung device will have to do so directly from Epic.

For those who cannot wait, Fortnite for Android is available as a beta and the APK can be downloaded right here.

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