Epic Games Releases Fortnite For Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is obviously an extremely popular and profitable mobile game on the iOS family, which hasn’t yet occupied its place on Android phones. In fact, its availability on Apple’s platform has cemented itself as one of – if not – the most popular battle royale games in the world. Competing with the likes of another widely popular PUBG title. Now, thanks to an announcement by Nintendo, it’s been confirmed that Epic will be bringing Fortnite to the Switch hardware with immediate effect.

For those avid Switch hardware owner or who are willing to purchase one of Nintendo’s consoles purely to play Fortnite, you can then expect to be able to get the game with Switch compatibility right away as of 10:00AM PST.

Today at the E3 presentation in Los Angles, Nintendo used it to announce that Fortnite will be enhancing the appeal of the Switch console. That’s certainly a great news. The slightly disappointing one is that it doesn’t appear that Fortnite for Switch will contain any Nintendo-specific-content.

Nintendo has also used the conference to let the world know once again that Fortnite will also be coming to the Android platform this summer, meaning that the number of gamers will instantly increase exponentially as soon as it’s available on the world’s largest mobile platform across smartphones and tablets.

When that release to Android will actually happen? Fortnite will be available on PC, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. Basically, it will have all of the content world’s gaming platforms covered and will be available to very much any gamer that wants to interact with titles like these.

It has been a huge success for Epic Games and its Fortnite platform. Recently, the game has been announced for the Switch platform, had a crossover with one of the largest movie franchise of all time, and also announced as being one of the highest grossing games of all time, amassing $300 million in one month alone.

It’s also been a rise in popularity that the company seems to be planning on investing heavily in the title during the rest of the year. So, if you are a Fortnite fan, and love it playing, you are a Switch owner, then the game is available right now for you to grab.

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