Fortnite On iOS Has Earned $50 Million Since Its Launch, And The Biggest Game On The Planet Right Now

Epic Games is somewhat borrowing the best ideas from across the entire video game industry, as it has revealed the big surprise of Fortnite’s fourth-season earlier in the week, fans could both see it coming and retain that giddy kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling. According to new data shared by app analytics firm Sensor Tower, popular battle royale game Fortnite has earned more than $50 million in revenue since its March 15 launch.

The developer of Fortnite planned the reveal for months: a meteor in the sky hovered over the game’s map since January, and on Tuesday it crashed into the world of Fortnite to create a massive crater with gravity-defying extraterrestrial power-ups scattered about. In addition to the meteor crash, Epic Games transformed its map in subtle but powerful ways, adding new structures, secret underground lairs, and other goodies in service to its new superhero theme.

Fortnite is free to download, but it encourages players to shell out cash within the app for “V-Bucks” that can be used to purchase customization items like emotes, outfits, gliders, and more. The minimum in-app purchase is $9.99 for 1,000 V-Bucks, but gamers can spend more if desired. Players are also to earn V-Bucks in the game itself, but at a slow rate.

On iOS devices, Fortnite has proven to be incredibly popular than the PUBG Mobile. While it was still in beta, Fortnite had earned more than $1.5 million, and during the period of the first month of availability on iPads and iPhones, the game then brought in $25 million. It only took two weeks for that to achieve double to $50 million.

Indeed, Fortnite continues to be the number two top free game on the iOS App Store, with Epic Games managing to keep players engaged through different titles updates, seasons that introduce new challenges to complete and content to unlock. In fact, players can also purchase Battle Passes for $10 worth of in-game currency to receive additional items for completing season content.

Fortnite’s Season 4 content, which debuted earlier in the last week, is what pushed it over the $50 million mark. Player spending in the game jumped up 293 percent on May 1 when the content launched, a 4X increase compared to the preceding Tuesday.

It also said that Fortnite’s strategy of selling limited-time skins and other items has resulted in players spending approximately $1 million per day in the mobile game alone, and when compared to PUBG.

It’s another battle royale game that launched shortly after Fortnite, has not been as successful, which Sensor Tower attributes in part of its loot box monetization strategy. While Fortnite offers unique items available for a limited amount of time, PUBG only allows players to purchase randomized boxes that can result in duplicate and non-useful items.

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