Fortnite Mobile Update 3.3.1 Download For iOS Released

Of course, there are crazy players of Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile game titles, especially vying for Battle Royale fan’s attention. But Battlegrounds on iOS has one advantage over its big rival, high-end PC, a game console like the Xbox One or the PlayStation (PS4).

Fortnite is all the rage right now, an iPhone or iPad devices has received a new update, bringing the version number up to version 3.3.1.

Currently only available as an early release on iOS, the Fortnite same continues to gain traction in part thanks to its recent arrival on mobile. With Android gamers set to also gain early access in due course.

One can only admit how popular the game will become once it becomes available to all on iOS as well as Android platforms, but for now, those who have early access can enjoy the new update as a free download, complete with the following change.

The Flame Grill Floor Trap to Save the World was released in the Event Store, and is available now!

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Fortnite on iOS right now, without receiving an invite code, but it is true that you need to have been given early access to it to be able to play it immediately. If you have applied but have not yet received an official invitation, it may still be worth trying to sign in.

Recently, some users have been able to play the game despite not having been emailed their acceptance. It would rather appear users are being provided access ahead of email acceptance being generated, with quite the delay between the two things taking place.

Failing that, you’ll just have to wait like others, although we, unfortunately, do not yet know just how long it will take, whether you’re an iOS or Android user. Stay tuned for more updates!

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