Fortnite Mobile On iPhone X Takes On Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

Fortnite, alongside PUBG Mobile, has somewhat continued its growth in popularity. Epic Games announced that it would be bringing the battle royale game to mobile platforms, there was obviously plenty of curiosity as to how well the title would translate to handheld devices.

Part of which related to graphics. Just how well would smartphones and tablets be able to capture the look of a game designed for machines with supposedly better graphics capabilities?

Now, there are plenty of them playing the game on iOS devices via the closed, invitation-only beta program, also starting to get a feel the recreation for how iPhones, in particular, are handling the title. As it turns out, pretty well indeed, if you have an iPhone x at least.

The folks over at DigitalFoundry took the chance to pit an iPhone X and an Xbox One X against each other, with Fortnite running on what is the most powerful game console ever released. With that in kind, you would be forgiven for expecting this to be a one-sided battle, while there is the iPhone X being a powerhouse of its own, that’s not entirely what happened.

iPhone X vs. Xbox One X

Fortnite Mobile game graphics comparison begins with. Epic Games may have pushed updates out for the arrival of the Xbox One X, and the PS4 Pro, for that matter. But what’s amazing is how closely the iPhone X managed to keep up with the images created by Microsoft’s console. The differences are, of course, identical there, especially when both devices’ outputs are viewed side-by-side, but again, you have to marvel at what that iPhone is capable of.

Check out the complete video out for yourself and see what you think. There is, not many, one downside to the iPhone X that the Xbox One X doesn’t have to contend with – there aren’t many 4K TVs being sold today with big notches missing out of the top of them.

A cheap shot, you will notice.

(Source: DigitalFoundry [YouTube])

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