Fortnite 4.0 Update Patch Notes Detailed, Here’s What We Know So Far

Fortnite gamers get a good news! The next Fortnite patch, which will carry patch number 4.0, should be arriving on your device very soon. In the next 48-hours, the patch 4.0 update bringing with it an array of interesting changes with a huge focus on loot drops allowing gamers to collect more rewarding loots when a kill is achieved.

The patch announcement comes from an official member of the Epic Games team and who confirms that big and impressive changes are coming as far as loots are concerned.

What are loots and looting in this scenario? Well, that means the items that are available for pick-up from a dead enemy once the life has been removed from them. In terms of what’s going to be available, enemies will be dropping more valuable content and equipment, with the perceived value of this equipment rising depending on how big the enemy is:

In Patch 4.0 you will start seeing some enemies in the world drop building materials, crafting ingredients, and ammo, supplementing the materials you already gather in the world. The bigger the enemy, the more (and better) stuff you will receive upon their defeat.

The next 4.0 patch will also bring in new twists when eliminating a mini-boss in the form of a special cache containing evolution materials a weapon schematics:

Minibosses will drop special caches that contain either evolution materials or a weapon schematic, providing an exciting new way to advance your collection! The color of the schematic cache reflects the rarity of the schematic you will receive upon opening the cache at the end of the mission. Minibosses aren’t the only way to acquire caches…you may get lucky and find them in certain rare chests as well.

The Fortnite 4.0 patch is also likely to bring in an array of other important changes and improvements, all of which will be designed to ensure that gamers get the very best least experience possible as far as this title goes online.

With the version 4.0 of Fortnite patch release, we’re likely to see the introduction of a new event, new soldier abilities, and much, much more. There is no official word on when this will drop just yet, but if gamers keep their fingers crossed when a Wednesday rollout could be a possibility.

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