Fortunately Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Leads The Android Phone Crashing Shame List, Better Than iPhone 6 Then

Generally tablet and smartphone owners opt for a particular mobile platform over others for a good reason. In that cases, you simply get vigorous iOS fans who would never touch an Android device, rather accept it as their main point of usage. Same can be said for certain Android fans who can’t fathom the idea of moving over to the dark side. For others like me, as a choice, often comes down to things like security, stability, durability and the aesthetic appeal of he device hardware and OS interface, of course the personal consideration on how much the device costs. Talking about the stability of any device and platform, here’s what Blancco’s “The State of Mobile Device Performance and Health” research report reads, some interesting facts on the stability of Android-powered devices compared to the Apple’s iPhone.

Currently, it’s actually is very difficult to accurately suggest which platforms are less vulnerable to software-based glitches, and there’s definitely no instantaneous method for users to be able to conclude the failure rates of their own gadgets and installed apps against other hardware on the same or different platforms.


Thankfully, by compiling this data which has been released by Blancoo as part of an insight report on a quarterly basis reveals something fortunate. The latest paper however shows some key insights from Q1 2016, and delivers some harsh news for Android lovers.

The insights instantly suggests that there is a glaring disparity when it comes to the failure rates of Android and iOS devices. The report shows up a staggering 44-percent of devices powered by Google’s OS were prone to crashing. That represents a figure that’s really double the noted 25-percent crash rate on Apple’s iOS devices.


Thinking about high-end Android devices, then you nevertheless go by Samsung, and this insight paper won’t make pretty reading for the company’s executives. Out of the top five crashing Android devices, Samsung manufactured three, including Galaxy S6 accounting for 7-percent of crashes, the Galaxy S5 making up an additional 6-percent, and the less popular Galaxy S6 Active holds fifth place with 4-percent of the crash activity.

Undoubtedly, it’s very easy o look at those top two Android devices and instantly think that they all ship with issues and are constantly crashing. These numbers are somewhat skewed by the fact that those two models are probably the most popular and frequently used Android smartphones right now in the market, and therefore a lot more of them are in circulation than other devices.


Being an iOS owner, you might find it interesting to learn that the most crash-prone model on that platform is Apple’s iPhone 6 with a 25-percent crash rate, which means the Galaxy S6 is better to purchase than it. How? We’ll talk about it later after this article.

On an additional note, the report also identifies various features which consumes mostly run into issue with. Topping the charts globally is the camera app, which it remains the main culprit for most users in Asia as well. However, it appears that North America users are mostly troubled by performance issues, whereas European users have finding a decent trouble enough network reception.

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Note: If this is the case here, the whole Android phone crashing depends on 44%, which contains thousands of smartphones from a variety of manufacturers worldwide, has different crashing issues in less or high percentages, while Apple’s wholesome iOS devices are in minimal to 10 or 12 iPhones, which received a target of 25% crash issues. Then how could you say Samsung Galaxy S6 sits on the top-position of the crashing shame list, which only has reported to have 7% vs Apple’s iPhone 6 with 25%. I condemn this, which is my feeling!

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