Full Patch Notes For The PUBG PC 1.0 Update Detail Major Changes To Blue Zone

A new update has been released for PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG on the PC which addresses a variety of map and bug fixes. PUBG, one of the most popular games of 2017, has risen to prominence after being released for “Early Access” on Steam back in March and quickly spread throughout the gaming community competing against a similar battlefield game from Epic Games, the Fortnite.

The folks behind PUBG offering have been hard at work and is extremely valuable and perceive as extremely valuable and engaging changes to the PC version 1.0. The update number 10 introduces a slew of fixes and overall improvements, as well as big changes to the blue zone and improvements to the Miramar map.

However, a collection of issues were noticed by fans on the PC, leading Bluehole to release a new patch to combat the problems. Before iOS and Android device owners go getting exciting and rushing to the app store to download the patch, it’s worth noting that this tenth patch is for the PC version of the title.

Changes as far as of a similar nature could potentially be coming at a later date to mobile and console users. And that’s by no means a guarantee. For now, it means that PC gamers who adore the PUBG’s experience can only get an improved experience with an enhancement to general gameplay, changes to the world in which gamers do battle, and a number of UI/UX and bug fixes attached.

Now, the delay time of the blue zone has been reduced which means that gamers will have “less time to linger between phases.” As by far is the biggest change you’ll find in the latest PC 1.0 update, also most user-affecting improvement is the enhancement of the blue zone.

Nevertheless, PUBG has also increased the maximum amount of damage that can be infected on players in the 7th, 8th, and 9th blue zone waves. This may add a lot of excitement into the mix for a lot of PUBG gamers but it’s also likely to instantly wipe out a lot of inexperienced players.

What’s newly added are some improvements to the northern area of the Miramar map in order to make it “a more appealing area.” The adoption of higher-tier loot more likely to spawn out in that area will definitely add to its appeal.

In terms of fixes, there are several. There will be more silent approaches as footsteps are heard on all types of ground, including trap and carpet. There’s still a fix for a visual issue which would otherwise cause certain objects to disappear and become invisible when viewed at specific distances.

Additionally, the patch notes for PUBG PC 1.0 also shows that if part of your tactical genius was to exit high-speed vehicles knowing full-well that it was unlikely that you would receive any health damage, you may have to consider your approach as this issue has been fixed.

The update is rolling out now. Prepare yourself right away immediately for a fairly hefty patch download. For more information on the update, you can head over to the source link below.

(Source: Steam)

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