Xbox One Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games Leaked In Full Set [List]

Big deal here is that for gamers with the release of Fallout 4 on the horizon and Microsoft’s Xbox One seeing its software receive its huge update yet.

What’s known is that the gaming machine from Microsoft will receive Xbox 360 backwards compatibility as part of new update. Xbox One is all-set to receive a brand new Windows 10-powered dashboard upgrade on November 12th. With that said, compatibility being powered by software, not all games will actually work. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox One needs to get some work done for any 360 game to work with the console, limiting the number of titles that will be playable with the new Xbox One update.


No, there have been never made any announcement on given any official word on which games will be fully compatible with the Xbox One post its Windows 10-powered update, but one source claims to have managed to get its hands on an official list of titles, though its authenticity cannot be verified so.

Called himself Xbox Dynasty, published what it claims is an accurate list of the Xbox 360 backwards games titles compatible Xbox One’s November 12 dashboard update. List may not be exhaustive, though Microsoft puts us out of our misery anyway, none for sure on the 12th date.

Halloween, if the list is unique and genuine, then fans of the Halo franchise will be overjoyed to know that all of the accurate Xbox 360’s Halo titles will be backwards compatible, as will classics such as BioShock and Saints Row. Games list has some stunners in it, but nevertheless also some less likely to get the blood pumping, until Microsoft announces its biggest list for real, we’ll have to wait for that and see how accurate Xbox Dynasty’s offering us.


(Source: XboxDynasty)

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