This Is How Apple Plans To Take On Amazon Echo, Introducing A Siri-Powered Smart Home Device

Reports on the aforementioned topic has surfaced claiming that Apple’s work on an Amazon Echo competitor for a good long while now. Could be somewhat surprise success of Echo over the last year or so has only increased rumors that Apple will be joining the smart home market with its own ear of home automation device. Let us get more information regarding the Apple’s Siri-powered Echo-like device in testing stage right away.

Reportedly, another suggestion, citing unnamed sources within the company, speculates that Apple is not only working on its own Echo rival, but that the project is moving through the development phases required to bring it to market technically. The well-known person Mark Gurman connected today by reporting that Apple’s device has “exited the reasearch and development lab and is now in prototype testing,” suggesting that progress is eventually being made on the yet unannounced device.

What that mean? With Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo allowing users to speak to the device in order to request info or provide instructions on a task that definitely needs to be carried out, Apple is arguably already beyond the game with its own Siri (voice assistant released in 2011) and HomeKit (released in 2014) tech. Building the same digital assistant infrastructure into something Echo-like hardware is something that we have to trust Apple is working towards, with the company apparently working to decide what the best integrations of that would be implemented.

About Amazon’s Echo, is a cylindrical standalone device. Could Apple build the required device and its software into an existing product, for example? Look at Apple TV that would be an excellent choice here, it were not for concerns surrounding how well it would be able to hear commands when users sat beneath a television, for instance.

Not only Apple, but there are reports also suggesting that the work Google is doing with its Assistant-powered Home to also join the market soon. Apple on the other hand said to be investigating ways that it could differentiate itself from Google’s. Technology that would allow for facial recognition is one unique way the company is said to be looking forward, while advanced speaker and microphone technology is also on the radar.

Whatever Apple does choose to, it will likely need to be more than a device that connects Siri in its current situation to a speaker and a microphone if it is to compete properly against Amazon Echo.

Currently, no one know exactly on when Apple will be ready to bring its products to market, and it is still entirely possible that the project will be canned before that happens, but if Apple is really going to go toe-to-toe with Amazon and then Google later, it will need to have something impressive beyond its ability to lock doors and turn lights on and off. That’s what we can do now with Siri/HomeKit in iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and of course, Apple TV since 2014.

(source: Bloomberg)

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