Bose Reveals Unreleased Headphones In Email Newsletter, Accidentally

Bose, is a brand that delivers the best sound experience through the earphones. From headphones to home theater systems to wireless and Bluetooth speakers, has accidentally revealed an upcoming product ahead of schedule via its email marketing team. Here are the details and everything you need to know about.

That button on the left earcup doesn’t exist on Bose’s current QC35 headphones.

Some hawk-eyed recipients of the company’s newsletter noticed something a little odd about the Bose headphones that featured in the image below, there’s a new button that doesn’t exist on Bose’s flagship noise-cancelling QC35 headphones.

What’s additionally added is, the pill-shaped button on the left earcup in the same place where volume controls and the multi-function button are on the right one. Although the image’s filename, email_QC35upgrade_img3.png, further fuels speculation that we’re looking at a revised version of Bose’s $350 cans, which were originally unveiled in June of last year.

Until Bose genuinely announces these, there’s no telling exactly what the button does. But we just hoping that it might allow users to temporarily disable the noise cancellation or splice in some outside audio when they need a better sense of what’s happening in the world around them. That’s among the favorite features of Sony’s MDR-1000X, one of the QC35;s main competitors.

The most recent firmware update for the QC35 headphones allows users to even customize the level of noise cancellation between high, low, and off. This can only be changed using Bose’s smartphone app, however; adding a button to toggle between the modes would be a more convenient solution. For now, the new button’s purpose is a mystery.

Source: TheVerge – reached out to Bose for comment.

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