Buy This $30 Google Chromecast To Get $20 Worth Play Credit

Deal here from Google, announced an all-new promotion for its Chromecast line on Monday: Buy one of the $30 streaming device to get a whole $20 credit to spens on Google Play store. What’s most interesting here is that this offering isn’t a small one, considering the fact the Google Chomecast itself costs $30 USD, and if you have been waiting to purchase a few things from the Play Store, then it’s better time to buy a Chomecast now, and you’ll only spend $10, a mere third of what the device actually costs.

More impressive is that, you don’t even have to buy Chromecast directly from Google to qualify for the small but exceptional deal. Users who buy it from Best Buy or Walmart will still get the twenty dollar rebate after you activate the device.

About Google Chromecast: It essentially allows users to stream or “cast” content from their phones, computers and so on. Just plugs into the TV’s HDMI port, and once connected to device to your other devices, a small button to cast that content will appear, making for an extremely easy process. Here’s complete details on how it works and how’s it useful.

(Source: Google)

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