First Look Of Ataribox Console Is Here, Revealed By Atari

Here’s our first look at what Atari’s upcoming Ataribox console will be like, as it’s extremely difficult these days for large corporations to keep new products and offerings under warps and away from the public domain prior to an official release.

Atari started teasing its Ataribox at E3 this year, promising a “brand new Atari product” since then. Retro consoles are the newest next-gen consoles, and nothing more retro console than Atari. Gamers have been wondering what Atari was thinking when they announced they were making a new console.

Finally, we’re starting to see that in action. The design is clearly an homeage to the Atari of yore, but it’s also not a straight up miniaturization like the NES Classic. Instead, it inherits some of the materials (like woodgrain option and a black glass front, depending on your preference).

Aside from a small 20-second teaser video, Atari haven’t revealed anything real that we have seen much about the new hardware. That is, until now. But there are also ports for an SD card, HDMI, and four USB, and the company will be offering classic games on the new console, similar to the NES Classic library.

The teaser video didn’t actually provide us with a great deal of information about the hardware but did give us an insight into the potential styling of the brand new Atari product. With an exterior inspired purely by the classic Atari 2600. Those visuals were also in line with an email sent out by the company itself to registered Atari fans, suggesting that the business wanted to “create something new, that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.”

Now that, the Ataribox finally making out to the public, it seems that the hardware will definitely appeal to old-school Atari fans thanks to its aesthetics inspired by the classic 2600. That design is morphed with modern visuals with indicator lights designed to glow through the material and keep the user informed.

As aforementioned, the new Atari will feature integrated SD card slot, four individual USB ports for accessory imput and a HDMI port to connect the hardware to a high-definition TV. With that said, also the company will be releasing two different versions of the new Atari; one in stunning wood finish, and another finished in black and red.

The Ataribox will also be able to run “current” games, so it could be more like a modern set-top gaming device, too. From a gaming perspective, it seems as tough Atari isn’t going to do anything miraculous or particularly groundbreaking this time. Only thing changed is that the plan here is to bring classic games and content into a modern environment, which sounds very similar to what Nintendo has already achieved with its modern versions of the NES and SNES Classic editions.

After all, the idea of classic and iconic titles being available on new hardware themed to look retro is clearly one that resonates with consumers, and fairly one that Atari wants to benefit from with the release of Ataribox.

Currently, we don’t yet know much about what Atari is going to offer on that scale, but nevertheless, it’s be interesting if this was essentially a Shield-like Android TV device with a host or retro Atari titles pre-loaded and some media streaming capabilities.

Nothing yet on final availability or pricing details, the games which will be offered or even release dates at moment. With Atari suggesting that it wants “to get this right” before making any further announcements.

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