Fitbit Blaze Is Something Like Fitness-Focused Smartwatch With 5 Days Battery Life, Costs $199

Fitbit at Ces 2016 in Las Vegas shares plunge after it announced its new edition of wearables line up. The Fitbit Blaze like other products the company manufactures and markets, has took a bit further in that direction and introduced a wrist-wearable that will focus on tracking activity, providing intelligent notifications including impressions and analysis, photos, videos etc. all from your phone, directly to the capable and comfort of your wrist. The Blaze although builds on the successes of Fitbit’s already released wearables and takes things a little further competing with those where Huawei and Misfit also unveiled new smart wristwear.

It is the the first and foremost of Fitbit’s fitness-centric gadget to come equipped with a full color LCD display with integrated touch screen technology. The level of Fitbit Blaze’s integration may be familiar to those with waerables like Apple Watch or likely, but it’s a first smartwatch for those who love what Fitbit has been working in the fitness space over the past five years. What’s more impressive is that the Blaze is now able to afford the user with the ability to not only get notifications, but at the same time interact with that person directly on the device along with other activity features.


With serious customization options, Fitbit somewhat appears to have been taken a jump over Apple’s playbook by offering such. One of the reasons why Apple Watch has been so active is the fact that it provides best bands and watch faces varying styles that can be swapped in and out of the main Apple Watch case when required as a personal style choice. In similar fashion how Ftbit Blaze mimics that by allowing users to alternate between various bands and styles that fit in more with their own personality. And whatsoever!

The Blaze in line with the company’s other products and has an activity and excercise focus with no other third-party apps available on the device, the Fitbit’s wrist-wearer lets users pop out the case and Blaze will be able to track daily sleep, excercises, steps, and calories burnt, and nevertheless also includes FitStar workouts that guide through regimes with step-by-step instructions.


Fitbit is also offering the ‘Luxe’ category of bands; Black Leather, Mist Grey Leather, Stainless Steel Link and Camel Leather bands. To check out the durabilty of the Fitbit Blaze, you can do so with the ‘Classic’ offering, which includes synthetic bands in shades of Black, Plum and Blue. Unfortunately, you won’t get no third-party app installations and no real ability to extend the Blaze beyond what actually Fitbit has in mind. All exercise will be automatically kicking by taking in relevant modes thanks to the ‘SmartTrack’ inclusion. Information as a whole will be collated and synchronized with the Fitbit app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.




However, the Blaze by Fitbit lacks an embedded GPS, which indeed adds a heart rate sensor and music controls, but in the future that can be overcome with a paired smartphone. The company says the device will give its users access to the traditional notification settings found in most of the smart wearables currently, including calls, texts, and cellular alerts on the brand new touchscreen display.


With an admitted five days of battery life, and sizing options of small, large, and extra large, the Fitbit Blaze can be had. Pre-ordered right now for $199.95 in a choice of Black, Blue, or Plum finishes.

The Fitbit Blaze Leather Band + Frame will cost you $99.95 a piece, whereas the Metal Links + Frame in stainless steel color is also there, will set you back at $129.95. While the Fitbit Blaze Classic Band is of course be the cheaper option, priced at just $29.95. Shop here!

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