Google Glass Enterprise Edition Discovered On FCC Site Shows Up Foldable Design

It was said that the Google Glass explorer program has been abandoned following something of a public revolt after people decided that they simply didn’t like dealing with people wearing the innovative technology. But nevertheless Google Glass appears as a new wearable on the block now, and it’s an Enterprise Edition of the Glass that is aimed squarely at, you guessed it, the enterprise.

New listing has been captured on the Federal Communications Commission publishers website, where the new model called the “Enterprise Edition,” but Google has not made any official announcements about the latest. Having popped up on the FCC’s website and said to be on the track of becoming available through the Glass for Work starups, the newly redesigned Glass has a few improvements up its sleeves that make it particularly suited in the workplace.

When we speak about Google Glass division, which has gone far through a number of changes over the past few months, and the hardware is rumored to be targeted at healthcare, energy and manufacturing companies. The listing however shows up new pictures that clearly packs the hardware specs, both inside an out. One of the primary aspect is new waterproof body that keeps the Glass technology away from water or anything else that could cause damage, while this new initiative is also foldable, making it much more pockatable – one request that was big when the Google Glass Explorer Edition was doing the rounds what seems like a lifetime ago.

The Glass hardware also allows the display to be folded in, either reducing the size of the unit for travel or to move the heads-up displau out of the way when not needed. It gets a metal bar which appears to have a hinge on the other sidse, which eventually would allow this to fold like a conventional pair of glasses.

With 5GHz WiFi capabilities, a larger prism and a repositioned power button is also attatched – it’s now on the back of the wearable, instead of the inside. Sources speaking to 9to5Google say that the Google Glass: Enterprise Edition may be set to become available soon.

Google has yet to make any official announcements about the future of Glass hardware, availability, or pricing. For now, when Glass: Enterprise Edition is ready, we expect to hear about it.

(source: 9to5Google)

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