Meet The Chromebase: Google And Acer Build A 24-Inch Desktop Computer For Video Conferences

Directly coming to the point that Google and Acer teamed up to introduce Chromebase for meetings, an “all-in-one standalone secure video conferecing device” specifically designed for small areas like desktops or official phone booths. This Chromebase for meetings is Google’s second device and this time released in collaboration with Acer. What’s it’s details!

Google, Acer Unveil New Chromebase for Meetings
Google has another Chromebase device on the market now, before was made by LG and today’s by Acer, and is the first one tricked out for video conferences. The Chromebase connects to Google Hangouts meetings that can support upto 25 people. Includes a 24-inch, 1080p touchscreen which is the largest on any Chrome OS device, has HD conferencing camera, four microphones, and two stereo speakers. Google has launched its first Chromebase for meetings made by both LG and Acer in 2014, and to say, this new Chromebase for meetings is the second play in the video conferencing market.

Google says that the $799 Chromebase for meetings is available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia and soon expected to go on sale in other markets.

We’re also happy to announce new features to our remote fleet management tools,” Vidya Nagarajan, Senior Product Manager, Chrome for Work, said in a blog post announcing the new Chromebase for meetings. “Administrators can receive alert notifications and track health of their fleet of Chrome devices for meetings. They can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot audio, video quality and bandwidth problems. Administrators can also customize the interface using their own background images.”

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