GoPro Omni VR Camera And 360-Degree GoPro VR Video Platform Announced

The Camera manufacturer GoPro to launch virtual reality app and live-streaming tools on April 18, and it did introduced a new GoPro VR, a digital platform that hosts 360-degree virtual reality content, alongside a LiveVR, a wireless streaming tool for VR headsets has been unveiled.

GoPro announces new VR app and pricing for its Omni camera rig
Officially announced GoPro Omni VR Camera and VR 360-degree video platform, as part of the GoPro’s line-up for the NAB show that go live today. A new system for broadcasting live 360-degree video, powered by GoPro’s HEROCast software. GoPro wants to get its VR content in front of your eyeballs?


The GoPro Omni gets unveiled, is a cube shaped camera that features six Hero4 camera lenses and an aluminum rig, which is light and made for action shots. The six lenses works at the same time when the footage from the cameras are stitched together. There’s a single 360-degree video created, while the camera with an over capture feature can take at 8K and extract an HD deliverable.

There’s a newly launched GoPro VR – a 360-degree VR channel that offers curated content and the platform allows users to experience the immersive world of 360 video showing it directly from the originbal GoPro. Available on the web and as a free app for iOS and Android, designed to showcase VR content from all-around the world and share it anywhere.  Similar to how its existing on-demand video channel works for “regular” footage.

GoPro VR and LiveVR give the action camera company an end-to-end virtual reality video suite.
The GoPro Omni VR is priced at $4999.99, including one GoPro Omni Sync Rig, GoPro Kolor Software License, six GoPro HERO4 Black camera lenses and batteries. Also brings with it a GoPro Smart Remote, 6 GoPro Mini USB Cables, 32GB microSD card and a card reader and Ultra compact, rugged shipping case. When compared to GoPro Odyssey 16-camera VR rig costs $15,000, this new 360-degree six GoPro Omni VR is more affordable and you decide being a photographer now.

Pre-orders for the GoPro Omni will start today itself and share your thoughts regarding its purchase and experiences as well. With the launch of GoPro VR, LiveVR and the availability of Omni, it’s at least showing a little more of its hand.

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