How Major The PlayStation 4 Price Cut Go With For First Time In The US and Canada

Now that Sony says nearly two years after its launch at $400 is dropping the price of PlayStation 4 to a mere $349.99 in the United States. Sony has although have been providing consumers who reside within the States with yet another reason to choose its powerful Game/Streaming PlayStation over competing consoles. The major price cut for the fourth iteration of PlayStation console happens right after 22 months of its official launch, and that too in an effort to increase sales as part of the run up to the extremely lucrative holiday shopping season, the Japanese gamer has slashed $50 from the actual retail price of the PS4 hardware, dropping it down to $350.

Sony Drops PS4 Price : Big Holiday Lineup, Lower Cost
Starting October 9, the Sony’s PS4 will be a little cheaper in the U.S. and Canada. Unclear whether Sony will introduce the same price cut in all markets across the world, but this $50 slash within the United States follows closely behind a similar price cut in the company‚Äôs home territory of Japan, which happened last month. For those individuals who are unable to decide picking up PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the potential price cut could be the final tripping point that sways consumers towrads Sony Electronics.

Stay away from next-generation PS4 gaming console, now? Before you that you have to note that it has been initiated that Sony also brings the PlayStation 4 price in line with Microsoft’s Xbox One 500GB package that too with for console users givingaway more content and exclusive titles available for it to play. Whereas the price was one a contributing factor to the Sony vs Microsoft console issue, that is now no longer the case. At least not in Japan or the United States. In Canada, Sony has brought down the price from the top $449.99 to $429.99.

It appears like Sony to be targeting and attacking the fourth holiday shop[ping season with serious aggression. Consumers often want to feel they are getting better value for money when purchasing consoles, meaning that the PlayStation maker has put together a number of PS4 bundles designed to save money and wallet. Think again, this time around.


The 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle comes with uncharted: the PS4 games like “The Nathan Drake Collection” for $349.99 available starting Oct. 9, a Call of Duty: Black Ops III Limited Edition bundle that comes with a 1TB PlayStation 4 for $429.99 available starting November 6. For all sci-fi fans rest out there, there will be a Star Wars: Battlefront set with 500GB PS4 praised for $349.99 available from November 17; upgrading to the Limited Edition PS4 will be an additional $50. Don’t mind!

(Source: Sony)

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