How To Turn Wired Headphones Into A Bluetooth Wireless Earpods Adding This

Wirelessly, you can connect a router for internet, phone, keyboard, mouse, or other device to your computer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. But this won’t been seen on iPhone, which Apple’s own iPod that was almost killed. As the smartphone in your pocket is most likely also your primary music listning device, which means you probably have some headphones plugged into it, like you use it as a portable media player.

Now that there are for sure have lots of Bluetooth headphones out there, but a little on the expensive side when we speak about for iPhones. It’s also possible that you have a particular favorite pair of costliest quality headphones, but they’re just not available in wireless form. What you need is something that will take audio from your Phone, via Bluetooth, and then push it into your existing wired headphones or earbuds. Transforming such an idea can be found behind BTunes.

It’s a kickstarter project.  The BTunes device is actually a simple product, yet it’s actually rather clever. Available for $99.


The BTunes device itself is so clever which is a small Bluetooth receiver that has a 2.5mm or 3.5mm headphone jack on the end, depending on which model you go for. Simply by plugging the jack into your headphones of choice, makes this idea perfectly wireless. Paired, it should be obvious that this product is only going to work with the likes of headphones that have detachable cords, why? Because you have to plug BTunes hardware into your jack, but most of the best ones do and you can even include Apple’s own Beats amongst them. That is why you are here learning how to add bluetooth wireless to headphone with wires, sin’t it?


This particular connection is over Bluetooth, the BTunes device also acts as a wireless headset, with a built-in microphone making it possible to not just take calls, but also involke Siri, or Google Now. Or whenever other personal assistant you’re using this week, Cortana?

It may be perfect – the connection is still over Bluetooth, after all. Nevertheless, if you fond of a particular pair of wired headphones that actually have detachable cable that you want to add Bluetooth wireless connectivity to, then BTunes Bluetooth receiver top-ups your ticket. Even though it’s not cheap enough, but it falls a void for you it’s certainly going to be worth checking out every last penny.

About the product:

  • aptX/AAC codecs for CD quality streaming from iPhones/iPads/android
  • Make hands free phone calls
  • Long lasting battery up to 10 hours uninterrupted music, back and forth between SFO and JFK
  • NFC chip for easy pairing, Gold plated plug for superior audio fidelity

Buy: BTunes VXB-35 (3.5mm Model) from Amazon
Buy: BTunes VXB-25 (2.5mm Model) from Amazon

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