KFC’s iPhone Killer Has Arrived, Selling It In China

KFC partnered with Huawei to release its own kind of limited edition smartphone to commemorate 30 years since opening in China. KFC seems to have managed to up the ante to a level we never thought possible.

For those unfamiliar with KFC’s history in China, the fast chicken fry, food outlet first opened in the country thirty years ago, and in celebration of that being the first Western fast food outlet to do so has left KFC in a unique situation.

Imagine that there’s no greater joys in life than gadgets and fried chicken, this time ever KFC gets it. In order to celebrate the anniversary of the chain’s debut in the country, Huawei has created a special smartphone, complete with KFC branding. We checked, you review – it isn’t April fool (1st) but alas, this thing is 100% real and genuine, as we think someone somewhere might even buy it, too.

What’s confusing is that, neither Huawei nor KFC have announced exactly what this phone will have on the inside, but the outside comes with a bright red finish just as you might expect, and is embossed with Colonel Sander’s face just to make sure that you are under no illusions that you are walking around with a KFC advertisement stuck to the side of your head.

Here’s what is compelled to tell is that of the specs of the KFC edition Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus. It’s got a 5.5-inch screen, is powered by a Snapdragon 425 processor, and comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage that can further be expandable up to 128GB via microSD card if you would. There’s also a 3,020mAh battery and fingerprint scanner.

If not KFC made the announcement via its Weibo page, but it’s written in Chinese and it’s worth reading the Google Translation of the prose in full.

“# Kentucky China 30 years from 1987 to 2017, 30 years accompanied by the taste of the times, suck refers to the aftertaste! Kentucky together with Huawei joint cooperation, the introduction of Huawei Chang enjoy 7 Kentucky commemorative version of gorgeous struck! Commemorative Edition laser back carving, pre-installed Kentucky Super APP, with WOW member 10 thousand K gold, but also the first to experience k-music song function. Limited to 5000 will soon be on sale, waiting for you to grab!”

With a proper translation, it says: the “stuck” actually refers to KFC’s slogan of “finger-licking good,” and the “10 thousand K” is 100,000 K dollars, the restirant’s digital currency.

Software-wise, it’s all KFC, all the time with KFC delivery bloatware included, meaning you will be able to order chicken to your home if you are in China, and there is also an app that allows users to choose what music plays when they are in a KFC store. Something, the phone comes with a KFC-branded music app pre-installed, which lets you also create and share playlists at a KFC restaurant. Thinking of it as a modern-day Jukebox.

The announcement comes alongside an introduction video, which goes from Apple / Samsung-level techy to Kidz Bop ad in under a minute. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, after all.

For now, this is it! we don’t know how much the device will cost or where it will be sold, but the smart money appears to be on it being distributed through Alibaba’s TMall, given it already has a relationship with the fried chicken company.

Note: Huawei and KFC will only release 5,000 of these devices and they all will be available for 1,099 yuan each ($162 USD). raise your hand if this is already added to your bucket list, not chicken but a phone.

(Source: Shanghaiist)

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