Is Google Home Ready To Take On Amazon Echo, Available For Pre-Order At $129


Google Assistant-powered Google Home has been made official at Pixel event today, having been originally announced at Google I/O earlier this year. Google Home is now available to pre-order and ready for prime time or, at least, it will be on November 4th when it goes on sale for $129 – a full $50 cheaper than the device it goes into direct competition with – Amazon’s own Echo hardware, which was already been available since the year 2014.

Announced Google Home with the release date and price during today’s big media event, alongside new phones and more, Google Home is a standalone speaker that does exactly what’s more than just allow users to play music without any wires. This wireless device brings with it all of Google’s machine learning and data mining capabilities in a way that has possibly never been more accessible.


Officially with Google Home, users can on-time ask questions that only Google’s Knowledge Graph or other online sources, such as Wikipedia, can answer. Assistant does this all by simply listening, waiting to be asked a question or given a command.

About the device Google Home itself, looks pretty unassuming, but nevertheless is the point here. Barring some opportunities for customization via the replaceable speaker grille, the Google Home device is designed to disappear into a room. Google really wants it to be always there, and always-on, but it doesn’t want it to dominate the space. It’s silent assistant, but on eager to make itself known when the time is right.

Google Home lets you enjoy music, manage everyday tasks and even ask questions via voice commands. Simply, by using “Ok Google” command to play music via Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube Music. If you only want to stream audio directly from your phone, can cast music to Google Home from 100+ Chromecast-powered apps on yoyr Android or iOS devices. Most importantly, the built-in search feature on Google Home learns your habits and patterns and also knows your overtime actions.

It can do that in a variety of ways, Google Home is giving users a rundown of their day’s plan while they drink their morning coffee, or setting the mood lightning just so through integration with home automation hardware from the likes of Philips Hue, Google Home can do all these without a keyboard or mouse.


Offers a real-time answers to things asked from an array of domains like cooking, news, sports and weather, stock market and more. Google Home lets you take control over devices around the house such as Chromecast and support apps like Netflix, Google Photos etc. There is a capacitive touch area on the top of the device, which can be swiped and tapped to carry out basic functions such as controlling medai playback, and all can be done perfectly via voice commands.

As Google’s software base improves, so will Google Home gets upgrades, and while it’s possible that means these things will rise up and overthrough mankind, that’s a price we’re willing to pay if it means we’ll always know how long our commute will take without having to tap a smartphone screen or a mouse cursor.

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