It’s Official: Xiaomi VR Headset Now Launches With Zipper Design In China


Xiaomi has made its virtual reality (VR) headset official in China. The new device features a zipper design that ensures the phone inside the housing does not fall down, and is made out of a combination of EVA and Lycra material. This is reasonably a lightweight, skin-friendly that doesn’t ever cause discomfort when using it for longer period, as Xiaomi speaks about it, and were chosen to prevent from malaise when using the headset for an extended duration of time.

The VR headset measures in at 201 x107 x 91mm and comes in 208.7 grams. It can accommodate phones with screen sizes of 4.7-inchs to 5.7-inchs, and also be available in a variety of colors and customizable designs. Since it opens on the front, from where you can adjust the phone if it moves and also helps in air circulation as well.

There’s still a standalone app that lets users view 360-degree content and play VR games designed specifically for the headset. It has anti-glare aspherical lenses with tolerance of just 0.01mm and it also promises the best content. The metal button on top helps user interact with the phone. On the other inside it has a non-slip pad that will also help prevent from accidentally accessing buttons when using the headset.

In terms of performance, it has a separate VR App that offers panoramic video content, 3D movies, virtual reality gaming and apps, and the options with personalized colors, including graffiti and decorative design altogether,

Xiaomi is currently taking registrations for beta testers of the VR headset in China, is calling it Toy Edition for now. Those selected ones will be able to get it for just 1 yuan. No other information has been announced thus far about the release date and price, it is estimated to be under $10. Rumored at 49 yuan (Rs. 490 / US$ 7 approx.) also. It seems like there’s a premium version of VR headset upcoming.

Learn more about the new VR headset product at Xiaomi’s website.

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