Japan Display Unveils New 8K Display With 510ppi Pixel Density

Although the first 8K monitor is reportedly ready to roll, according to the Japan Display maker, the images are as sharp as the human eye when compared it to with 4K resolution screens. Indicating that Apple has an iMac 5K launching this year, the new creation comes inthe form of a 17.3-inch display offering 510 pixels per inch density. Details below!

Japan Display outs an insane 8K, 120Hz laptop-sized
Now, Japan Display has evidently pushed the limits of screen resolution yet again by announcing a 17.3″ 8K LCD module capable of running at a smooth frame rate of 120MHz. Providing users with a massive actual resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels and is equipped with LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) technology. With it’s 510 PPI, the manufacturer says that the high-res will offer an element of depth to images, and resulting, it could be ideal fr video-editing, medical displays and perfectly fit for the gaming screens.

The Japan Display’s 8K monitor also comes with support for high-contrast colour as well as offering a 176 degree viewing angle. Unfortunately, no other information on pricing or worldwide availability has been revealed as yet by JD. But the LCD will be at CEATEC 2015 with all its millions of pixels on show.

What do you think about 8K Display with 510 PPI engine? We’ll keep you updated with if anything comes out just ahead of its official showcasing.

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