Leaked iPhone 7 Case Reveals Dual Stereo Speakers, No 3.5mm Headphone Jack

This is it, confirmed the rumor. Apple in this case, as a company that is no stranger to being talked about by individualks and news outlets on an almost daily basis. Certainly focusing on areas that the Tim Cook’s company has consistently making it the front page news, in some sort of positive and nagative comback. With a newly leaked image has just arrived on the panel that pushes Apple into the headlines again, making this time focus on the potential hardware configuration of the September-bound iPhone 7. An early prototype case for iPhone 7 with an interesting physical design surfaced online.

Firstly, the latest image leak progresses to feature one of the iPhone 7 cases that has come off the making line, and if based on a genuine schematics, then it seems to give a glimpse of rumors about the potential design architecture of the upcoming larger screened iPhone hardware that have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, iPhone 7.

Manufacturers of third-party accessories, such as prtoctive case covers and portable power banks, however oftenly gets access to earluy design drawings that allow them to plan thier own next-0generation of accessories for whatever device Apple produces, as happened with the first iPhone 7 case as well.

The case itself is very notable in the fact that it doesn’t contain any cut-out or aperture for headphones to pass through into a 3.5mm audio jack on the device directly. With that in case, a number of reports already have suggested that the next-gen iPhone would ship without the inclusion of the iconic headphone 3.5mm jack. This would allow Apple to use the Lightning port as a single converged audio and data solution, with users along having option of listening to music via bluetooth headphones. Confirmed this exclusion when don investigation into the iOS 9.3 codebase.

Visually aware amongst us will instantly see that the 3.5mm headphone cut-out has been replaced with an aperture that looks very identical to that of other side on the case that would be for the existing speaker grill on the device. Speculations already thrown on iPhone 7 shipping with a dual-speakers setup, which could indeed be true for now.

Design familiarities for the iPhone 7 comes directly from the fact that the case still show the usual cut-outs for the volume buttons, the rear camera module, and the Lightning connector that will likely be changed internally to act as an all-in-one solution.

Currently, there are no quite solid evidence regarding this is actually the iPhone 7 case. It’s said with confidence that all of the above is definitely going to happen. Unfortunately, the existence of additional rumors and visual leaks suggestys that what we’ve been reading is likely to be true, so take it with a pinch of salt before you go wild.

(Source: @OnLeaks [Twitter])

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