Meet Huawei VR: Smartphone Maker Launching Gear-Like Virtual Reality Headset

Huawei officially getting into VR. The China-based manufacturer is introducing a virtual reality headset, called Huawei VR. It works with all the company’s latest smartphone lineup, including its new flagship, the Huawei P9, P9 Plus and the Mate 8, that will connect with a USB cable. More details on this headset specs, features and streaming abilities can be checked out below.

Huawei has announced a Gear VR-style headset for the P9 smartphone now. It’s very identical to how Samsung’s Gear VR works, simply by inserting a phone into the front of it, strap it on, and you’ll get a basic but functional VR headset. According to the recent reports, Huawei will be selling its VR versions that work authentically with both sizes of the P9 and also with Huawei Mate 8.

Of course Huawei is making its onw Gear VR rival, apparently, be the first virtual reality headset to offer 360-degree sound field on the go. This headset series will initially come in three flavors to let you slot in the company’s most recent flagships. Given their mere 1080p screen resolution, don’t expect any crisp video quality through those goggles, but nevertheless, Huawei claims its VR solution is the first ever to offer such, as long as you have the right content loaded and your own headphones plugged in, to experience the true quaility of 360-degree sound field.

Currently, Huawei is going towards the Chinese market, whereas Samsung – in partnership with Oculus – is targeting the US, Europe, and South Korea first. While the Huawei VR headsets work in a similar fashion as Samsung’s counterparts. Likewise, they have a touch panel, a back button and volume keys on the right for interacting with the VR app. Interestingly, you won’t be able to wear your glasses underneath the goggles, but there’s an adjustable lenses, that will accommodate myopia of down to -7.00.

In terms of specs, with Huawei VR, you will get the usual 20ms low latency and 95-degree field of view (vs 96-degree on Samsung’s Gear VR and 110 on HTC Vive plus the Oculus Rift), with the added benefit of an anti-blue light filter to protect your eyes. Content here is more exciting. At launch, Huawei VR will be offering over 4,000 movies for free (presumably only a fraction of these are VR videos) and gives away over 40 free games, along with over 350 panoramic images and over 150 panoramic tours.

No statement made whether the content is coming from or what content sources owners will be able to access, so there are certainly still some big questions left behind on how this Huawei VR headset will actually compete with the likes of Gear VR, which has developers on board making games for it.

Pricing and availability weren’t announced for the Huawei VR, which has been skipped for now. It’s unclear if it’s even be available outside of China.

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