Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition Gets Detailed Price And Released Date

Microsoft’s new era of transforming the world with holograms begins with its HoloLens with some sort of good reason. It certainly caought many people’s attention and those who have been able to get some hands-on time with the Microsoft HoloLens have had nothing but good things to say about it, which is of course promising in a world where virtual reality is yet to really capture the imagination.


The Microsoft HoloLens may not have been ready for sale just yet, but the software maker does slating a release sometime in the Q1 of 2016. Now that it has started taking pre-order for HoloLens Development Edition. How much its going to cost you? According to Microsoft, these kits will be priced around $3000, but while the budget isn’t cheap, it’s worth remembering that this will be fully wireless, which certainly ramps the cool factor up a few notches.

It is said that the Microsoft HoloLens will be sold only on a invite basis and which is a standalone device that includes a custom “Holographic processing unit.” The software giant made the announcement at its Windows 10 devices event today in New York alongside a demo of an internally developed mixed-reality game called Project X-Ray, which charges the player with the challenge to fend off a robot invasion. The demo showed robotic enemies bursting in through walls in the environment while the player shot them down with a “holographic gauntlet”.


The company hasn’t yet said how many of the $3000 Microsoft HoloLens development kit it will have available for purchase, but it is all set to aim its new kit at both the enterprise and the consumer markets. Microsoft is already working with NASA and other professionals in order to get a small catalog of apps ready, and expect that to grow as launch day draws nearer.

When Microsoft HoloLens launches to the public could be well woth the huge $3000 outlay and developers are geeks like others – who wouldn’t want the chance to play with a HoloLens?

(source: Microsoft)

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