Microsoft Hololens Development Edition Pre-Orders Now Open, Specs And Features Detailed

Technically the Microsoft’s hardware we are talking about today is a virtual reality headset specifically have something additional to look forward to, which was been firt initially teased to the world with its HoloLens wearable device. It’s the innovative headset that brings holograms over the top of visible reality, and been an highly-anticipated one for those with a passionate interest in virtual reality. Finally, Microsoft has now officially announced that developers can pre-order a HoloLens Develpment Edition pack for $3000, starting today, with shipments starting on Wednesday, March 30th.


Before you go and make orders beyond manageable controls, it’s worth pointing that this announcement is specifically aimed at developers and those individuals looking to build experiences for the HoloLens platform. No! This isn’t intended to represent a consumer release for those who wants to get fully involved in the HoloLens platform from a leisure and fun rejoice perspective. Development kit is by means is the process which Microsoft letting developer applicants know that the contraption can now be ordered. There’s also a dedicated website set up for enthusiasts looking to register their interest and ultimately receive an invite for the pre-order.


Microsoft has also provided a little more information about the hardware itself. In addition to opening up developer purchase of an unit. The Development Edition of the headset will ship with “multiple environment understanding sensors“, powered by a Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) which has been custom-build for this hardware experience. Concerned part here of the HPU being that it’s Intel powered, and able to understand gestures and gazes at the same time as mapping out the wrld around the wearer of the head-mount hardware, that too all in real time.

As it was expected, the HoloLens experience is also powered by Windows 10, which is the interface that is identical and much familiar, and indeed, connected by “the power of a unified ecosystem of Windows devices“. With the hardware hands-on, and combined sensors makes the whole reality experience possible. HoloLens supports voice and gesture controls, as well as “gaze tracking” that let users different options within view using eyeballs. You will also get a built-in perception of the environmental sound that surrounds the unit, which acts as yet another source of information.


It was promised back in October last year, Microsoft has stated that the HoloLens will cost $3,000, and will be available somewhere in the first quarter of 2016. With today’s announcement, it really did a good job for those interested in a HoloLens Development Edition package. If you don’t happen to pay $3,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then you can head on over to to learn more and place an order. Now opens for all developers.

(Source: Microsoft)

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