Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Now Available In The US and Canada [Buy]

It is said that Microsoft wants to make sure you ditch your Mac for a new Surface Book laptop if you think of picking up one. The Redmond-based software company was quick to compare it to Apple’s MacBook Pro, which has become a favorite among graphic designers and video editors. No surprsie to see Microsoft has although set up a dedicated site trying to convince people to switch – making sure to switching is easy and painless. Alongside the hybrid-tablet, Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book are now up for grab in the United States and Canada.


What Microsoft says is that the early pre-order Surface Book activity since October 7 has exceeded its expectations and today it will be available to those already booked in limited quantities through the official stores.

The Surface Pro 4 is also be going on sale, includes Surface Pro 4 Type Cover and Surface Dock in the U.s., and Canada. The same will be made available in other additional market in November.

The Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 brings with it the latest Intel Skylake processors and running Windows 10 in a thinner profile hardware and lighter yet more powerful form factor.

Since we unveiled Surface Book on October 6th the response has blown us away. And today we get to put both of those products in people’s hands. I hope each of you gets into a store today and is able to get a device. These devices are the most productive devices on the planet.

The Surface Pro 4 costs $899. The Microsoft tablet can also be bought from Amazon, BestBuy, and Target online stores. While the Microsoft Surface Book retails through company’s official channel.

Meet Surface Book Specs from here. And for Surface Pro 4 tablet here.

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