New Roku 4 Now Supports 4K Streaming, Adds Improved Processor, Upgraded Mobile App

Roku, is one of the earliest players of top-trending video streaming market has upgraded its version and announced an all-new Roku 4. The set-top box market has been ticking along nicely for quite some time, and there’s still plenty of options for consumers in that particular arean. Since the introduction of the Apple TV 4 may have changed that, meaning the competiton has left the need to go back to the drawing board and rethink their products.

When speaking about the newly unveiled Roku 4 – that 4 for 4K – is Roku’s answer to the recent ATV and Amazon 4K Fire TV announcements, and where the Roku 4 just in, it certainly packs a punch of features.

The Roku 4 has an HDMI 2.0 output for 60/30fps 4K streaming and when compared to Amazon’s only supports HDMI 1.4 for 4K at 30fps and 24fps. So the new Roku versin can handle the highest-bandwidth 4K content.

Roku appears to have gone back to the drawing board with the Roku 4, aiming to make the hardware bigger, better, and ultimately faster with that given a new inclusion of a quad-core processor and fastest network speeds taht are produced thanks to the inclusion of WiFi 802.11ac. With the increased focus on connecting to premium ound systems via the new optical audio port, the Roku 4 is certainly a big deal coming with 4K resolution support, which can manage to immediately gain it some traction amongst consumers with 4K LED TVs.

The streaming firm has also complemented the new Roku 4 hardware with a redesigned exterior that makes it slightly larger than its predecessor. The box also ships with a new and improved version 7 of Roku’s Roku OS that powerds the company’s 4K set-top boxs and TV sticks. Still got a new integration of a “follow” feature that offers up alerts and notifications when an interested piece of content becomes available, or drops in price.

Roku 4 Announced: Adds 4K Support, Improved Processor And More
About the Roku 4 notification system is that it’s actually extensible to the accompanying iOS and Android mobile apps, so a notification should never be missed. In addition to bundling in a new hardware, and improving Roku OS, the company has also added an impressive novelty feature that allows users to locate the accompanying Roku remote by pressing a dedicated button on the box itself.

Apart from Apple TV 4, Amazon Fire TV, the Roku 4 will find itself placed amongst relatively stiff competition with the likes of Google’s new Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio.


Priced at $129.99. You can pre-order Roku 4 at an agreeable budget today, shipping starts October 21.

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