New Schedule Feature In Fitbit Reminds Users When To Go To Sleep

From now onward your Fitbit tracker helps you sleep better. While a new feature on your wrist-wearable device will automatically track your sleep, where everyone needs their rest, however. For that reason, Fitbit wants to ensure you get it with a set of tools to help users improve their sleep schedule and overall health.

Numerous number of company’s wearables already track sleep, offering users a glimpse into their nightly routine; total time asleep, awake, restless, and awake/restless. Fitbit has added a new tool, feature called Sleep Schedule, although helps guide new and existing owners to more consistent slumber via personalized goals based on your sleep data, customized bedtime and wake-up targets, reminders to stay on schedule, and of course, a sleep history to chart progress.

To activate it, navigate to the Sleep dashboard in the Fitbit app. You’ll receive recommended schedules, and setting alarms and reminders to go to bed and wake up. The leader in the connected health and fitness market, Fitbit released a simple yet powerful set of sleep tools to help millions of its users around the globe improve their sleep.

Sleep plays an important role in health consciousness and wellbeing, helps protecting against cardiovascular diseases and obesity, to boosting neurocognitive functions, mental health and longevity. With the help of these Fitbit tools are the first in a series of new sleep features being developed in collaboration with Fitbit’s new panel of leading sleep experts.

Although the Fitbit app is a vital part of the Fitbit platform – consiting of devices, apps, social and motivational features, advice and personalized coaching, and obviously a smarter and easier to use with. Features like automatic sleep tracking and exercise recognition to make tracking your health and fitness effortless. The Fitbit platform helps people make behavioral changes to be more active, exercise more, eat smarter, track their sleep and manage their weight.

Fitbit’s Enhanced Sleep Tracking Features


  • Sleep Goal: Based on your sleep data from your Fitbit tracker, you can follow the app’s personalized recommendations or set your target number of hours to make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night.
  • Bedtime and Wake Up Targets: Based on your sleep goal and past sleep behavior from your Fitbit tracker, the app will recommend target bedtime and wake up times. You can customize these based on your personal preferences and schedule.
  • Bedtime and Wake Up Reminders: To help you reach your sleep goal and regularly go to bed and wake up more consistently, you can receive push notification reminders on your smartphone. You can also set a silent wake alarm on your Fitbit tracker based on your wake up target.
  • Sleep Schedule History Chart: Track your sleep consistency over time to determine if you’re meeting your goals or if you need to adjust your sleep schedule.

You can now download the updated Fitbit app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, set Sleep Schedule. Works with all Fitbit devices that automatically track sleep, including Flex, One, Charge, Surge, Blaze, Charge HR and Alta.

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