No Apple Watch 2 Launch This Quarter, As Per New Report

Rumors already speaks about the second-generation Apple Watch is upcoming somewhere early this year, but a new unexpected report surfaced suggesting that we al should wait for a little longer, amy be more. According to the reports the Apple Watch 2 March debut won’t take place until later on 2016.

Source citing those familiar with Apple’s plans regarding the partnerships for Apple Watch 2 which lightning up spark in producing of some new accessories for its most personal wearable. Now that the March roadmap for the official release of the smartwatch simply isn’t realistic, though. Nevertheless, the report does mention that Apple might still go ahead with its March 2016 keynote even where it could unveil the Apple Watch 2. Speculations behind the claims spark that the Watch won’t be all-ready for this coming March, in fact there’s no primary indication about the supply chain networks to hint at the production that is gearing up for the device.

It was admitted that the second-generation Apple Watch release could fall somewhere in March this year whereas one particular report talked about the Q2 2016 launch timeframe. Potentially, yet another rumor also emerged claiming that month speculated to be highly Apple Watch-centric, alongside 4-inch iPhone 5e or iPhone 6c/7c.

Specifications-wise, the second-generation Apple Watch is also suggested that it will ship with an improved hardware keys that include FaceTime camera, and with the beta 1 of watchOS 2.2 release also tipped at a new wrist-hardware being in the works at the Apple camp.

The twelve month release cycle with the Apple Watch is admirable from the company and we can only predict when the iPhone or iPad is coming. While Apple Watch is however a new product category for the Cupertino-based company, which makes sense and extremely difficult to simple suggest that a new versionĀ  of it will be launched every year. Admit it!

(Source: TechCrunch)

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