Oculus Rift Pre-orders Will Go Live On January 6, How Much It Costs?

Speaking about the Oculus virtual reality headset “Rift”. Pre-orders for the given head-munted display developed by Oculus VR, will be opening on January 6, 2016. It was last week, when Oculus said it won’t release its handheld sensor for the Rift, the Oculus Touch, until the second-half of this year. Nevertheless, it finally got a pre-order timeframe and go live starting 6th of January 2016. Unfortunately, we have got nothing regarding on how much the Oculus Rift costs.

One thing is sure and that is, you’ll finally be able to order your own Oculus Rift this week on Wednesday. The first viertual reality headset to cosnumers was shown by Oculus half a year ago and the company announced that the Rift will be available for pre-order tomorrow. At 8:00 AM US Pasific (6pm GMT).

Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014, by paying almost $2 billion when the headset was still just a prototype. About the Oculus Rift games, the virtual reality headset comes bundled with two games: Lucky’s Tale, a platformer based around an eponymous fox, and EVE: Valkyrie – a first person shooter set in space, nevertheless, feels a lot like piloting an X-Wing against a Death Star. Although the Rift is going on sale within two days, while the price-tag expected to be more than the $350 that the most recent developer version cost and that too require a desktop computer to run high-definition videogame graphics card.

You can start Oculus Rift pre-ordering directly made available from the company’s official website and for shipping dates, you will be shared once it goes live. Users will have to make do with regular vide game controller to play their new VR games, because there’s no exact date given for shipping, nor whether any games besides the two bundled with it will be arriving when it does launch.

Oculus began shipping early builds of the final Rift VR hardware to developers working on launch titles for the headset. Touch Controllers has been delayed toll the 2nd-half of 2016.

The Oculus Rift sports a built-in 360-degree audio headphones, a cancellation tracking system, an external sensor and of course a dial that can be adjusts the distance of the head-mount’s lenses. HTC on the other hand is also planning to launch Oculus Rift rival, called HTC Vine with a big update to be shown off this week during the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.

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