Oculus Touch Shipment Update: The VR Controller Delayed To Second Half Of 2016

The oft-mentioned status is related to the Oculus Rift VR headset, which the company has decided to take some more time on the pah to perfecting Touch. On its official blog post, announced that the Oculus Touch Controller for its Virtual Reality headset will be delayed until the second half of 2016. Insists that consumer version of Oculus VR headset will still launch this year.

The Touch Controller for Oculus Rift VR are specifically designed with hand controls, allowing user to map their hands into virtual reality. Want to simulate waving your hands around in virtual space? Not only Oculus, but big VR hardware makers such as HTC, Sony and Samsung all gearing up to launch motion-tracked Virtual options by way of handheld controllers. Unfortunately, in the case of Oculus, their offering received a delay on Thursday, December 31st, just before this year’s New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Supposed to launch Touch Controllers in the first half of 2016 but as per Oculus, the company suggests that they need more time to release, in order to perfect them and is also “implementing many changes that make Touch sensors even more confortable, reliable, and natural.”

The Oculus Touch system by the way adds two handheld controllers and an additional motion-tracking camera to the upcoming Oculus VR headset. Delay will enable “advances in ergonomics” and “improved hand-pose recognition.” The system’s ability to notice whether our fingers within the controller were extended or clenched, enabling poses such as fists and finger points, but nevertheless, the recognition did feel somewhat wonky in the system’s early state.

In fact, Oculus Touch was never announced as an option sideby the default Oculus Rift headset’s retail launch. It seems that Oculus game makers will have to expect a fractured userbase for the motion-tracked option, as opposed to the HTC Vive coming with a pair of motion-tracked wands by default. About the VR headset of Oculus will instead ship with a PC-compatible Xbox One controller.

Pre-orders will open a few months prior to launch. The Oculus Rift VR headset remains on schedule and will ship in Q1. The company also said that order will start pretty soon.

Specs-wise, Oculus Rift boasts of features such as built-in 360-degree audio headphones, a constellation tracking system, an external sensor and a dial that adjusts the distance of the headset’s lenses. Also has as an external sensor and a dial that adjusts the distance of the headset’s lenses.

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