Pioneer XDP-100R Announced: A Top-End Android Music Player

If you think about a simple, seamless way to sync your music between iTunes and Android, there are some best audio player apps out there, and today we have come across another Android music player, called Pioneer XDP-100R.

Announced by Pioneer a new range of digital music players that are powered by Android and that too offering 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. Pioneer builds an all-new portable HD audio player of Android, and the latest company to introduce this sort of FLAC-ready gadget is Japanese firm, which is offering the stylish XDP-100R.

Smartphones may have killed off the usual MP3 player base, though the products still survives as a high-end device for audiophiles. The high-resolution device was first unveiled at IFA this year, called Pioneer XDP-100R. It comes with an angular, machined aluminum body that’s similar to products from Astell & Kern (albeit with the volume knob on the left, not the right).

The Pioneer XDP-100R is also likely to draw comparisons with Sony’s $1,119 Walkman ZX2, although with a reported price-tag of $700, which is a huge budget t place from your wallet.

The Android music player is available in a couple of different versions both of which are machined from aluminium and feature 4.7 inch 720p displays together with 32 GB of internal storage. Further expandable with two microSD card slots up to 128 GB each.

However, the Android-powered Pioneer XDP-100R will certainly beat smartphones when it comes to high-fidelity sound. It supports a whole array of audio formats (including lossless FLAC, MQA, and ALAC, as well as DSD audio up to 11.2MHz) and evidently it has two seperate circuit boards – one for the regular processor and another for the audio compnents, which the company says will “eliminte the effects of digital noise.” It also has detachable bumpers on the top and the bottom of the player for extra protection.

Even with the bumpers removed, though, it’s quite a chunky device: 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick. Could it be the better contender? There’s no word on a US release date yet, but the Pioneer XDP-100R Android Music Player will be available in Japan from late November. Priced at $500?

What do you think about smartphones providing similar features is it worth shelling out $500 for a stand-alone music player?

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