PlayStation 4 Pro With 4K+HDR Capabilities, PS4 Slim Announced: Specs, Price, Release Date

Sony took the stage in New York City today to announce the latest upgrades to its console lineup, while Apple brought its iPhone 7 event live in San Fransisco.

As rumored, Sony has revealed a new slimmer PlayStation 4 with unchanged internals and an upgraded, 4K-compatible variant called the PS4 Pro. Here is everything you need to know about the specifications, price and release date.


It was the PlayStation 4 Slim leaked earlier, has been unboxed and made a review prior to its official launch, and now we get our first glimpse at.

The New, Slimmer PlayStation 4K

This base-model PlayStation 4 comes boasts a slimmer, lighter design identical to the leaks and a familiar angular form factor. The cosmetic upgrade reduces volume by 30%, weight by 16%, and power consumption by 28%. Sony has given it a new name, didn’t announce any changes made to the internals, which indicates it will be replacing the original. The slim PS4 hits the shelves on September 15 at a tempting price of $299.

It will be HDR-capable on launch while the current PS4 will be receiving the same feature additions via a firmware update slated for next week.


PlayStation 4 Pro

Codenamed ‘Neo’, the upgraded hardware is a mid-cycle refresh that Sony insists is far from a new console. The PlayStation 4 Pro is, an upgrade for the hardcore gamer, which the new console takes advantage of the least display technology in a variety of was to offer greater detail and richer visuals.


Internal part of the said PS4 Pro console, makes use of an upgraded GPU with more than twice the power of the one in the existing PS4 as well as a faster CPU, focuses to compensate for games that are likely to bulk up on required storage space to offer increased detail, it packs a 1TB HDD.

For 4K and HDR-capable gaming, the PS4 Pro brings to the table a biggest new feature. 4K Gaming, the same feature slated for the Microsoft’s Xbox Lineup with Project Scorpio. The console’s new Graphics will allow games to run at UHD (Ultra High Definition) on compatible displays and to compliment the level of detail that the resolution offers, it supports High Dynamic range (HDR), which will add a dash of realism to the visuals with richer colors as well as better highlights and shadows.

Demonstrated the experience by Sony that the two features offers with demos of current and upcoming games tailored for the 4K and HDR experience, including For Honor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Watch Dogs 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and the new Spider-Man game unveiled at this year’s E3.

Watch 4K footage of Horizon Zero Dawn from PS4 Pro below.

The “Forward Compatibility” helps the new console game developers to update older titles with advanced visuals that make better use of the Pro’s upgraded internals. Sony demoed a couple of titles that are already in line to receive such updates.

Sony revealed will be collaborating with Streaming Service with 4K Content to bring their apps to the PS4 Pri. The first app to come to the console will be from Netflix, which launches alongside the console with 600 hours of 4K/HDR content. Surprisingly though, there is the lack of UHD BluRay support.

With all other games, the PlayStation 4 Pro’s improved hardware keys promise higher frame rates, greater pixel count and overall detail for PlayStation VR titles as well.

In Brief:

PS4 Pro Specifications

  • Main processor:  Single-chip custom processor
  • CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
    GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon ™ based graphics engine
  • Memory: GDDR5 8GB
  • Hard Disk: 1TB × 1
  • External dimensions: About 295mm × 55mm × 327mm (width × height × depth)
  • Weight: about 3.3kg
  • Optical drive (read-only)
  • BD 6-speed CAV
    DVD 8 speed CAV
  • Input and output: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen1) port × 3
  • More

For example; Rise of The Tomb Raider will let you choose between 1080p 30FPS with enhanced visuals, 1080p 60FPS as well as 4K at which the console will attempt to superscale to 4K resolutions.

The PlayStation 4 Pro goes on sale for $399 on November 10. The Pro model will retain Optical Out and will add a rear mounted USB port.

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