Samsung Uses IBM’s Brain-Inspired Computer-Chip To Build A Futuristic Video Camera Module


Samsung might be the best manufacturer for its Galaxy smartphones, but the company is also busy working on some less conventional ideas, like what today’s report speaks about. It seems Samsung making use of IBM’s Neuromorphic TrueNorth processors to create a digital eye that processes data like a human brain.

The so-called IBM’s “congnitive-chip,” remarkably resembles the brain of a human: its 4,096 cores combine to create about a million digital eye neurons and 256 million synapse connections. It operates extremely quickly and consumes far less energy than a typical processor. Samsung has rapidly taken the computer chip and plugged it into its Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) to process digital imagery at a blindingly fast rate.

Typical digital cameras max opt 120 frames per second, but this DVS-equipped gadget can even capture an incredible 2,000fps. Unlike a conventional sensor, each pixel on Samsung’s only reacts if it needs to report a change in what it’s seeing. With high speed could be very useful for creating 3D maps or gesture controls. At a press event in San Jose on Thursday, Samsung demonstrated its ability to control a TV as it recognized hand waves and finger pinches from ten feet away.

DVS is extremely efficient like its IBM’s TrueNorth chip base, and only consumes about 300 milliwatts of power, which is amongst the hundredth the drain of a laptop’s processor and a tenth of a phone’s, a Samsung VP said at the event. Also said they still have ways to be before they approach the minimal power requirements of the human brain, which can process some tasks at 100 million times less power than a computer.

(Via: CNET)

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