This Is Amazon Kindle Oasis Coming With All New Design [Leaked Images And Specs]

In an unusual way the upcoming Amazon Kindle Oasis has been leaked into the Web. With that said, it just confirms all the previous rumors. Allegedly, with a long lasting battery and battery case, but unfortunately the new Kindle Oasis is not a waterproof device from Amazon. Spotted by Reddit users and Motherboard, which they already been taken down suggesting that the Amazon’s next new e-book reader will be called the Kindle Oasis and will have a different design and architecture. It is set to unveil this week, but today, that un-announced device’s specs have been leaked.

All been expecting Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to introduce the company’s eighth-generation Kindle at some point this week, who actually been on record to inform the technology-loving would that the new kindle reader will be “top of the line” device, that itself has managed to increase expectation and excitement ahead of the offical reveal. Thaks to the leaks, as it looks like the new Kindle’s images and key features may have been outed ahead of its official announcement, only to be quickly removed.


Now that we have got to know that the soon-to-be-officially-announced eighth-generation Kindle will be released under the Kindle Oasis name. The leaked images suggest Oassis will pack a radical redesign that shows up a rather large side bezel on one side that houses the page turn buttons, allowing the user to flick seamlessly through pages of a book without smudging the display.

The Kindle Oasis will also introduce a built-in accelerometer which would allow users to view the displayed content in various orientations. This allows the buttons and bezels to be placed on either side depending on which way you want to hold it, it will have a wide bezel, presumably to make it easier to hold and of course make way for a true one-handed operation.

Physically, the overall design of the new Kindle is also hugely different from waht owners of previous generation hardware would expect. Unusually, the Oasis comes with an almost wedge-style design that is presumably in place due to the fact that the button side of the hardware also houses the battery that powers the device.

About Kindle Oasis’s battery, as per the information leaked also suggests that Amazon will be offering a seperate battery cover case that will not only increase the battery life of the gadget, but will also make the hardware design flat on the back when it’s in place. That itself will probably convince a number of consumers to buy the accessory. At this point, the Kindle Oasis last up to 20 months on standby! The case attaches to the device with small magnets and comes in three colors, including all made out of leather. Additionally, the Oasis’ software will include a “Kindle Sleep mode” which would further increase the battery timing. These are designed to work in tandem to conserve as much power as possible. For instance, when the device is attached to the case and plugged in, both batteries will charge, and when it’s unplugged, it will rather use the case’s battery before tapping into the Kindle’s internal supply.

Other hardware specifications include a display that offers 300 pixel-per-inch density, as well as an LED backlight that comes with 60% more light sources over previous models. The device will weigh 131 grams (about 4.6 oz) and Oasis will be 3.4 millimeters at its thinnest part measuring, and 8.5mm at its thickest. One disappointment already there, and that is Amazon has not thrown waterproofing into the mix here, which is a bummer honestly. Or even water-resistant – despoite its name. Where Oasis is a desert spring, thinking off!

Currently, we are still expecting an official announcement sooner rather than later, but at least now we have an idea of what to expect and not.

(Source: Reddit)

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