Transform Your Smartphone Into A Windows 10 PC Using Microsoft Display Dock

It’s been a part of its unveil of the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, where the company has announced the Microsoft Display Dock initiative. A handy new device that allows to take their Windows 10 Mobile powered smartphones and plug them things like keyboards, mice and displays right into them. If you remember when smartphones were just portable gadgets in the world where display sizes are increasingly encroaching on tablets and mobile CPUs are outperforming those in notebook computers. Since then the smartphone no longer jsut a smartphone. Microsoft really wants to capitalize on that which it can almost replace your computer with a smartphone. Bet that!

Microsoft-Display-dock-main-2Announced Microsoft Display Dock alongside its more-anticipated Lumia range of Windows 10 Mobile-eligible smartphones. With the Display Dock hands-on, can effectively turn a smartphone into a Windows 10 PC, complete with legacy input device. Share it!

Do you think Microsoft Display Dock is new, but it sounds familiar, beacuse Motorola tried this a few years ago with the Atrix. Using an HD dock that was very similar to Microsoft’s new Display Dock, owners of the Atrix could eventually convert their smartphone into a computer in much the same was as Microsoft is now peddling.

Will Microsoft fare any better? When a compatible Windows 10 Mobile smartphone which supports Continuum is plugged into the Microsoft Display Dock, the result is something that looks similar to a Windows 10 machine, but with a bar across the top of the screen detailing things like battery status and signal strength. Microsoft demoed the Display Dock off with Windows Hello running on a Lumia, and it’s not strictly Windows proper, it is still capable of running universal Windows apps, which could be huge, jump in.

The Microsoft Display Dock is originally known as the Continuum dock, the new hardware has three USB ports, including USB Type-C, and both HDMI and DisplayPort. You can also plug in a USB drive as well.

Currently, there are no details on its availability or pricing of the Microsoft Display Dock yet, but expect it to support the new Lumia 950, 950 XL and similar compatible handsets when it does evidently arrive.

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