Unreleased Google Glass Enterprise Edition Allegedly Listed On eBay

In an unusual way the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass of the eye wearable headset has utterly spotted on an eBay listing after being sold to a San Fransisco pawn shop. According to a recent Gartner report, the wearable market – including Android Wear devices – is expected to amass some sizable sales figures this year. With an 18.4% increase, and thanks to the growing number of OEMs that are creating products, and even some other less branded companies who knows a little bit about making watches are in the smartwatch race. But we almost forgotten about Google Glass in some ways, the “original wearable” in Google’s stable.

First spotted the listing of Google Glass by 9to5Google, arn’t too detailed though. If it is Enterprise Edition, it may handle heat more coolly, powered by an Intel Atom processor and have better than 30-minute battery life of the original. The device pictured is currently appears on eBay with no reserve price-tag, under the inconsipicuous and unassuming auction title, “Google Glass (Black).” Iten description is equally devoid of specs, basically mentioning that the product is “Very gently used” and “in working condition.”

For thos who’re unfamiliar with the Google Glass hardware. Indeed it looks like just another pair of Mountain View’s wearable headset, and when look at it closely, the tantalizing details begin to emerge:


1. The device has a foldable hinge.
2. There is a proprietary power and data port instead of a micro USB port.

Specifically, the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass is said to:

* Have a larger prism display
* Have a LED indicator to signify when the camera is recording.
* Have a more power-efficient CPU, lonnger battery life, and uses 5GHz Wi-Fi support.
* Have a more sturdy construction and be water resistant.


If you think this listed Google Glass is a real product, which the search giant didn’t reply to a request for comment. Think how did it fall into the hands of a pawnbroker, even it it’s one who has a very fine 99.9% positive rating in eBay?

The current highest bid as I write is $5,250. To grab a Google Glass Enterprise Edition on eBay. Would you be willing to pay?

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