HTC Unveils Second-Generation Vive Pre VR Headset At CES 2016

Described as one of the most popular head-mount virtual reality headset from HTC. Maker of One M8, M9, A9 and today presenting an all new series of its second-generation VR headset at CES 2016. Dubbed Vive Pre, which comes with a smaller and compact head-mount, brings with it some improved visuals with brighter displays. Details of Vive Pre are many to dig, so please feel free to check out all of its specifications right after this fold.

Has took the peddle to accelerate the improvements with enhanced suppliments with updated eargomonics and softer edges, greater balance, added new texture buttons on to the Vive Pre VR to have grip pads for a more comfortable feel hands-on. Controllers are well integrated and with Vive Pre’s dual stage trigger, it makes interaction with objects very smoother, and haptic feedback delivers vital ones about your interactions with the virtual world.

The Vive Pre controllers has now been equipped with rechargeable lithium polymor battery cells with support for Micro-USB charging capabilities, that provides over 4 hours of runtime on a single dam charge. The new HTC Vive VR sports an all-new front-facing camera to help show the “real” world around you on command. Great!

Was actually expected to go on sale by the end of past year, 2015. But unfortunately, HTC has missed the launch date, nevertheless says the product will commercially be made available in April 2016. Developers are many, set to put their hands on the official kit, as HTC prepares to make over 7,000 Vive Pre headsets available to them at the begenning of this year. While the Taiwan-based manufacturer although have over 15 Vive partners, will be showcasing VR apps at CES 2016. Stay tuned for more!

Hope so!

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